OpStrater: Open Trades

Upcoming new feature in OpStrater: 

Open Trades:

The OpStrater will allow the workshop participants to see all our open trades.

The trade ideas, that are currently shared in the WhatsApp group can be tracked using the OpStrater. 

This feature will also allow new registered participants (yet to finish workshop) to see our open strategy trades.


These are our planned strategy trade setups that are shared with the workshop participants.

This is only for educational purpose. Remember, all trades carries risk.

It lists only open trades.

Support is provided only to workshop participants.


  1. I am a newbie to the trading and investing thing and would like to be a part of your workshop. I am really in need of some severe guidance or I might end up as loser.

    1. Kindly go though blog and try to get basic knowledge of cash, future and option market. Also try using OptionsOracle just to get hands on. You will get video links on my blog. Once you have basic understanding of market can enroll for workshop.


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