OptionsOracle Usage: Frequently asked Questions 

1. When I'm using symbol "NIFTY", how do I get option chain for long term series?
  • OptionsOracle support long term series too. To enable this. click on Config -> General -> Download Option Series -> All available series. 
2. What are three ways to make strategies? 
  • Drag and Drop from Option Chain to "Strategy Positions".
  • Using button "Add row" and "Delete row".
  • Using "Template".
3. How do I add Future or Cash in strategy?
  • Using button "Add row".
  • Click on cell under "Type" and change it to "Long Future" or "Short Future".
4. How to update tools?
  • Uninstall old version.
  • Download from "www.pasitechnologies.com".
  • Install it again.
5. What is difference between OptionsOracle Advance and OptionsOracle? 
  • As name suggests, OptionsOracle Advance has advance features.
  • OptionsOracle Advance supports currencies.
  • It shows OI Analysis and shows OI range, etc.
6. OptionsOracle is not able to download Option Chain? 
  • Make sure end point security tools (firewall or antivirus) are not blocking it.

7. How do we close or square-off position in OptionsOracle? 
  • You need to add counter position using your executed price.
  • You may right click on "Open", select "Square-off Positions", it will add counter position and then you can manually updated executed price in column "Price".

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