Options Strategy Trading Workhop

Options Strategy Trading Training is a personal coaching programme for individuals who wish to learn and excel Option trading using correct Option Strategies based on market volatility and applicable in our market. You can even trade global markets using the same framework.

We have already trained more than 1000+ participants across India and overseas (Singapore, Middle-East, UK). Participants include full time traders, BFSI professionals, Brokers and Sub-Brokers, Research Analysts, CA Professionals, IT professionals, Doctors and retired personnel.  

Options Strategy Trading training program is open for individuals who are serious about Options strategy trading using correct methodologies and tools. Those who wish to make consistent money using Option strategy trading.

Once you complete Options Strategy Trading training, support will be provided for three months to clarify any doubts and validate your Options trade set-up.

We will also provide Options trade ideas for three months that you can paper trade initially and then trade with real cash. These conservative trade ideas will be with limited risk only.

  • This is classroom mode only.
  • Two full days workshop (16+ hours)
  • Post workshop, you can opt for additional 4 hour online session to clarify any doubts and trade setups
  • Workshop is conducted on Weekends only (Saturday and Sunday)
  • In case of urgency can accommodate weekdays. 

Options Strategy Trading Training Highlights:
  • You will get the latest version of OptionsOracle India Plugin (as part of Options Strategy Premium Tool), and will learn how to effectively use it.
  • You will get Strategy Decision Maker - VIX, it is a Windows based application that analyzes INDIA VIX and recommends best strategy for current market conditions.
  • You will get Strategy Decision Maker - HV-IV, it is a Windows based application that analyzes volatility for scrip (Index or stocks) and recommends the best strategy for current market conditions.
  • You will get Strategy Trade Manager, it is a Windows based custom tool to validate Option strategy parameters (Options Greeks, etc.) and to manage Option strategy trade.
  • Options Strategy Trading training is customized for Indian market (Nifty, BankNifty and Stock Option Strategies).
  • Options Strategy Trading training is for positional trades.
  • Options Strategy Trading training is conducted on Weekends.
  • Post Options Strategy Trading workshop, you will get Option Strategy trade ideas for three months (4-5 trade setup in a month).
  • You will get support for three months to clarify any doubt and validate your Option Strategy trade setup.

Topics Covered in Advanced Option Trading Workshop:
1. Option Basics
  • Option Terminologies
  • Option Premium
  • Option Writing
  • Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility
  • ITM, ATM, OTM (In the money, At the money, Out of the money)
  • Option Greeks (Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma and Rho)

2. Option Analysis and Trading Tools
  • Effectively using OptionsOracle
  • Using tool "Strategy Decision Maker" to identify strategy for current volatility
  • Using tool "Strategy Trade Manager" to manage trade
  • When to be a buyer of options and when to be a seller (writer) of options?

3. Option Strategies (Neutral)
  • Mastering Non-Directional Option Strategies

4. Option Strategies (Directional)
  • Directional Option Strategies - Bullish
  • Directional Option Strategies - Bearing
  • Option Morphing

5. Adjusting Option Trades
  • Importance of adjustment
  • When to initiate adjustment
  • How to adjust strategies to protect current profit?
  • How to adjust strategies to minimize loss in case trade is going against us?

6. Risk Management
  • Position sizing for strategies
  • Money management
  • Avoiding common mistakes

7. Trade setup
  • Identifying trades (laptop is optional)
  • Case studies

    Following are tools you will receive complimentary as part of Options Strategy Premium Tool:
    • Latest version of OptionsOracle India Plugin (The free Option Strategy Tool)
    • Strategy Decision Maker: Recommends Option strategies based on market volatility
    • Strategy Trade Manager: To manage Option strategy trade life cycle)
    • Options Morphing: Guides new strategy if volatility level changes


    Santosh Pasi is into trading for more than 14 years and has been conducting workshops since 2015.

    Options Strategy Trading Workshop Schedule:

    Bengaluru (Tentative):
    October 30-31 (Saturday & Sunday)
    Venue: Yet to be finalize
    Fee: Rs 22,900 (early-bird)

    Delhi (Tentative):
    Nov 27-28 (Saturday & Sunday)
    Venue: Yet to be finalize
    Fee: Rs 22,900 (early-bird)

    Mumbai (Tentative):
    December 11-12 (Saturday & Sunday)
    Venue: Yet to be finalize
    Fee: Rs 22,900

    Pune (on hold):
    Yet to be finalize (Saturday & Sunday)
    Venue: Yet to be finalize
    Fee: Rs 22,900 (early-bird)

    Chennai (on hold):
    Yet to be finalize (Saturday & Sunday)
    Venue: Yet to be finalize
    Fee: Rs 22,900 (early-bird)

    If there is an urgent requirement for Options Strategy Trading training, you can discuss with us.

    OpStrater video:

      Study Material:
      • Once we receive payment, you will receive first study material (Option Basics - Introduction). You can read before attending the workshop.
      • You will get our tools, so that you can use it and get fluent with it.
      • Once we receive response for exercise in Option Basics - Introduction, you will be added in Telegram Broadcast Channel.
      • Final study material (hard copy) will be given in the workshop.

      Telegram Group:
      • You will be added in our group post completion of the workshop.
      • You are initially added for three months in our group.
      • You can continue to be part of a group until you follow the rules of the group.
      • Group acts as a support system for us.
      • Participants are encouraged to post your queries in our group.
      • In the group, we exchange trade ideas.
      • We encourage members to post trade ideas.
      • The group is focused only on Options trading, please avoid discussing any other topic.

      Telegram Broadcast Channel (for early-bird participants):
      • This is only for early-bird registrants with full payment.
      • Once you complete your online assessment, we will verify the result and will be added in our Telegram Broadcast Channel (private).
      • We will post our planned trade, it will be 4-5 trades in a month.
      • Objective is that you plan those trades using our tools and paper trade it.
      • Once your workshop is over, you will be removed from it.
      • In case you postpone the workshop, you will be removed from this channel.

      English and Hindi (Study materials are in English)

      Early Registration Benefits and Conditions:
      We strongly recommend to register earlier (at least couple of weeks) before the workshop and make sure to read all study materials, go through videos and attempt online assessment. If you don't attempt an online assessment and score above 60%, you will be considered in the standard fee category and will end up paying additional Rs. 5000 at the venue.

      Here are benefits of early bird registration:
      • You will get an early bird discount.
      • Once registration is done, you will receive tools along with Options Basics PDF. You can install and have the look & feel of tools. This avoids last moment installation and activation of tools. You get enough time to practice tools and get used to it.
      • You get enough time to go through the initial study material (Options Basics PDF) that will help to build the foundation for the workshop. There are some exercises (online assessment), details are given at the end of PDF.
      • Once we verify your score (may take 7-10 days), we will add you in our Telegram Channel.
      • This Broadcast/Channel (private) is to broadcast our planned risk defined strategy trade (one trade a week, mostly on Monday). You can paper trade those trades using our tools. Being the broadcast channel, there won't be any discussion including personal chat, we will not post any adjustment including trade management for it. Once you attend a workshop, you will understand adjustments, trade management, etc. Post workshop, you will be moved to Telegram group once feedback is provided and will be removed from this Telegram channel.
      • In case you postpone your workshop for whatever reason, we will remove you from our Telegram Channel. 
      • Now you can pay Rs 5900 to enroll (We will share tools and initial study materials) and pay the balance amount at the venue before the start of the workshop.

      Workshop Fee Details:
      Training fee includes Premium tools FREE worth Rs. 5000.

      Group Offer:
      Rs. 20,900 (Two or more participants)

      Pre-Early bird registration (prior 1 month): 
      Rs. 22,900  Rs. 21,900

      Early bird registration (within last 30 days): 
      Rs. 23,900  Rs. 22,900

      Walk-in (Standard):
      Rs. 25,900

      Repeat and Live Trading Participants (completed and within a year):
      Rs. 11,800

      1. Options Strategy Premium Tools worth Rs. 5900
      2. You will be added in our exclusive Telegram group

      If an individual who has already paid gets another member and participates in the same workshop, will get the benefit of Group Discount. His/her additional payment will be refunded or adjusted.

      Once payment (including part payment) is received, you will receive tools including the initial study material (Options Basics PDF) guide, so that you can get prepared for the workshop.

      You can pay by Cash, Cheque, Mobile Payments, NEFT or IMPS transfer, please deposit fee in the following bank:

      Name: Santosh Kumar Karmraj Pasi
      Account Number: 000405015336
      Account Type: Current Account
      Branch: Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021
      IFSC Code: ICIC0000004

      UPI: pasi@icici
      If you are paying full amount (during early-bird and single transfer) by NEFT or IMPS or UPI or cash deposit to above bank account, you will get an additional Rs. 200 discount.

      Once payment is done, kindly fill details on Enrollment Form

      FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


      Difference between "Workshop" and "Live Trading Session":

      Further details:
      Please contact me by Call/SMS/WhatsApp on +91.98202.00550
      Or email me to:Options Strategy Trading Training Program for Indian Market


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