This is an advanced workshop and we expect you to have basic knowledge of Options Trading and familiar with our tools.

We expect participant to be familiar with the followings:
1. Entry, stop loss, target
2. Order types: limit, market and triggered order
3. Reward to Risk ratio
4. Margin, Series/Expiry, Strike Rate/Price
5. Basic understanding/definition of CALL, PUT, ITM, ATM, OUT, Deep ITM, DEEP OTM
6. Basic knowledge of using Spreadsheet (Excel or Google Spreadsheet).
7. You should be serious about Option trading.

Also, we expect participant to be familiar with OptionsOracle and can perform following using OptionsOracle:
1. Add new positions 
   (Long CALL, Short CALL, Long PUT, Short PUT, Long Stock, Short Stock, Long Future, Short Puture)
2. Update positions with your executed price.
3. Understand basic payoff graph
4. Save Strategy, Load Strategy and Refresh Positions
5. Able to see PUT CALL Ratio, Option Max Pain graph
6. Able to close/square-off position in OptionsOracle

If you are not comfortable with prerequisite, we recommend to enroll for the workshop at least a month ahead. Once you enroll, we will share initial study materials to read, tools to practice and videos to get along with our tools.  You may wish to attempt online assessment to check if you are familiar with topics, before actually attending workshop.

Last moment enrollments:
If you are trading Option for few years or already had gone through some workshop or training on option trading or cleared NISM derivative exam.

For payment and enroll:

Most of above topics are already covered in videos and are explained in our blog posts.

We highly recommend to watch both videos below, before you attend our Option Strategy Trading Workshop. 

Make sure to download tool from here  and practice as shown in the video below.

Getting started with OptionsOracle:

Getting started with OpStrater:

Latest video:

Old Video: 

Check following post for using OptionsOracle with example:

Option Trading:

Option Trading:

Post enrollment preparation:
  • You have to read initial study material (2-3) times. You will find "Option Trading Guide - Introduction.PDF" document (Desktop -> Options Strategy Premium Tool). 
  • You need to go through above videos (2-3) times.
  • You need to practice all tools (OptionsOracle and OpStrater)
  • You need to attempt online assessment. Details is provided in initial study material.
  • You may read below recommended books.

Additional video on "OptionsOracle":

1. This one is by our good friend Rajendran R from who is expert in Market Profile and Amibroker coding.

Don't forget to subscribe and like his YouTube channel.

2. This one is short video by Pratap Singh.
(I didn't took his permission, Pratap, if there are any objections, do let me know, I will remove from here).

Don't forget to subscribe and like his YouTube channel.

3. This one is short video by Pratipalsinh Jadega (Bindaas Bapu). Very good video and is in Hindi.
(I didn't took his permission, Bindaas Bapu, if there are any objections, do let me know, I will remove from here)

Don't forget to subscribe and like his YouTube channel.

For recommended book, please check :
Recommended Books

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