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NIFTY BANKNIFTY Option Trading Training

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Our workshop is throughly designed and we have already trained 100s of traders across India and overseas.

NIFTY BANKNIFTY Option Trading Training

Learn Options Trading from Trader

As part of workshop, you will receive premium tools that will help you to take correct decision. It validates Option Greeks and other trade parameters too.

Best and Free Options Aalysis Tool OptionsOracle NSE Plugin by Santosh Kumar Pasi

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Training during weekends only, please contact me for further details.

Indian Market Option Trading Training

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Post training, trade setups are provided for three months to recover training fees as profit from trades. We also provide support for three months to clarify any doubts. Contact me for other features of training.

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Training content are precisely made considering Indian market. You will master directional and non-directional strategies. With these, you can trade in any market conditions.

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Learn how to adjust strategies with simple concept, to lock profit and minimise loss!!!

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Past workshops

Participants includes full time traders, brokers and sub-brokers, professionals and retired personnel.

How to use OptionsOracle NSE (India)

This is basic guide on using OptionsOracle with example. I'll not go in-depth with other trading aspect. While initiating options trade lots of other things needs to be considered like volatility, direction, maximum risk, profit potential, days to expiry, etc.

Let's start with NIFTY chart analysis.

Option Trading Courses

Based on chart, immediate range is in between 8670 and 7920. Let's try Iron Butterfly strategy for NIFTY. I have selected Iron Butterfly based on some other technical parameters.

Let's find out strikes:
1. Lower stop loss is 7920, let's consider nearest strike as 7900
2. Middle of range is 8270, let's consider nearest strike as 8300.
3. Upper stop loss is 8670, let's consider nearest strike as 8700

So we will short 8300 Call and 8300 Put, and will go long on Call 8600 and Put 7900.

1. Let's run OptionsOracle, you will see below screen.
Options Strategies For Successful Trading Workshop

2. In Symbol field, let's type "NIFTY" and click "Update".
Technical Analysis Course, Option Trading Course Strategies

3. After update, it will show below screen.
Nse option trading

4. I'm interested in September series, so I need only September series data.
Click on "Sep 15" button to see only September data as shown below.
Latest version of Options Oracle

5. Let's build strategy by moving first leg of strategy. First I'll select PUT 7900 and drag it to "Strategy Positions".
Latest version of OptionsOracle

6. Now I will drag Put 8300. After dragging it to "Strategy Position" I have to change it from Long to Short.

Click on drop down and select Short PUT.
Latest version of OptionsOracle

7. Similarly I'll drag other strikes and will update complete strategy. Finally we will see as below:
Latest version of OptionsOracle

8. Let's change quantity from 1 to 25 (minimum lot size in NIFTY).
Select on 1 in Quantity field and type 25 as shown below:
Latest version of OptionsOracle NSE Plugin
   Similarly, you can change price using Column "Price". 

9. After all changes it will look as below.
Latest version of OptionsOracle NSE Plugin

Maximum Loss Risk is Rs. 3965 (Not based on Stop Loss)
Maximum profit potential is Rs. 6035

Break even are at 8058 and 8541. So if NIFTY remains in-between these break evens, we will be in profit.

10. Let's analysis Strategy Graph. Click on Graph and you will get "Strategy Graph".
Latest version of OptionsOracle NSE Plugin

11. Let's find out our loss, if stop loss hits today. Click on "T" at Top Right. "T" stands for Today. Move cursor near to 8620 (our lower end stop loss), we can see our loss will be around Rs. 1040.
Latest version of OptionsOracle NSE Plugin

12. If market hits higher side stop loss today, our loss will be Rs. 1400.
Latest version of OptionsOracle NSE Plugin

So our maximum risk based on stop loss is Rs. 1400, maximum profit potential is Rs. 6035. Here risk reward ratio 1:4 roughly.

Hope this guide helps on how to use OptionsOracle.

Don't forget to post comments!!!

Disclaimer: This is only for educational purpose and not advisory to enter into trade. I'll not be responsible for any loss or risk. Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk.


Options Oracle NSE Plugin (v 1.8.4) Options Strategy Analysis Software for NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and NSE Stocks

Happy Independence Day to all Indian !!!

As confirmed earlier, I'm releasing OptionsOracle with updated version of NSE Plugin (v 1.8.4).

To use tool:

Faster version moved to Facebook Group, it is closed group, once your request for membership is approved, you can download from Files tab, otherwise you can download slower version here.

(MD5: a06a06e36eda304bc659cc2d8c06f0ad) *Last updated: December 31, 2016
Download OptionsOracle Installer zip file (Slower version) here download statistics 
47e24e43578247ad62f4734b32324fbe)  *Last updated: December 8, 2016
2.  Unzip file
3.  Run setup.exe, proceed as shown on screen.

For faster version, once you are member of FB group, click on Files, under that it will show download link.

Incase if Online server is not configured:

1. Click on Config -> General -> Online Servers & Stock Exchange Selection
2.  Select option as shown below in screenshot.
3.  Click Yes.

Don't forget to like our facebook page and join group for latest announcements, and see my strategy trades.

Please use Options Oracle at your own risk.
In case of query, feel free to contact me.

I'll not be responsible for any risk or damage to your system or data or whatever.

If tool fails to start with first zip file, you can try second one.

If both doesn't work, try it after installing the .NET4 framework from here.

Changes v.1.8.4:
1. Correctly parses NSE pages (As of August, 2015).
2. Tries to download minimum data from NSE, so as to put less load on NSE web server.
3. Auto-Update time interval increased instead of earlier 30 sec. Default value is 300 sec. Minimum can be set as 120 sec.

Known Issue:
In case if your system is downloading .json file
If your system for some reason downloads .json file and showing error message "Requested symbol ("NIFTY") was not found as symbol or company-name.".

C. Please use this zip version. (MD5: eddeb77c6bab0f9acd385c9ac65b28e6)
(This version is slower as it downloads bigger file from NSE and there is known bug for field "Last Update" only for Indexes. But it works.

Options Oracle NSE Plugin (Beta)

OptionsOracle is one of the essential tool to analyse options strategy. But it is not maintained by original authors since 2012. The original authors have graciously released the tool into the open source community.

Because of unexpected change on NSE webpage, this tool fails to parse page and stops working. We have seen this 3-4 times since 2012. Again June of 2015, it stopped working.

Earlier few coders (matsol, Sandeep Rawat and others) have supported community by updating it for NSE plugin.

Last two month, no one took steps to fix it. 

So Pooja Verma advised me why to look for others to fix it, better  I should try self. With her encouragement I tried and was able to fix it. And result is positive. It is perfectly working with latest change on NSE webpage. Hope lots of Indian users will find this useful.

Special thank to my dear friend Pooja Verma. Without her support and encouragement, this couldn't have been possible at all.

I'm releasing this tool to community on Indian Independence Day (August 15).


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Pune (Tentative):
July 27-28 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Mumbai (Tentative):
August 3-4 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Chennai (Tentative):
August 31-Sep 1 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Hyderabad (Tentative):
September 14-15 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Delhi (Tentative):
September 21-22 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Bengaluru (Tentative):
October 12-13 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Near Koramangala
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)


Minimum 10 confirmations are required to plan the workshop in any city.


Minimum 10 participants are required.


Group fee: Rs. 17.700
Early bird fee: Rs. 18,880
Standard fee: Rs. 20,650
(FREE tools worth Rs. 5000)

Retake/Refresh/Repeat fee:
Classroom mode: Rs. 5,900


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