Getting started with OptionsOracle video

I have received many requests to publish video on OptionsOracle in my FaceBook group and in my blog. So here is video.

Hope it helps fellow OptionsOracle users and option traders.

Second part will be posted after some time based on your feedback.

So kindly share your feedback. 


  1. Sir when will you upload the Getting Started with Options Oracle Part-B

  2. I want to ask you this question sir why span margin requirement in NSE for spreads is much higher than maximum loss.
    There is some benefit on debit spread , however there is no benefit on credit spread , like if trade option in usa for example a butterfly strategy (hedged on both side) , margin requirement is equal to maximum loss , but in India span margin alone is more than 6 times max loss plus exposure margin (total 12 time max loss) , this makes income trading strategies very ineffective in terms of return on capital.


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