Options Trading Education, Workshop and Tools for an Indian market.

NIFTY BANKNIFTY Option Trading Training

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Our workshop is throughly designed and we have already trained 100s of traders across India and overseas.

NIFTY BANKNIFTY Option Trading Training

Learn Options Trading from Trader

As part of workshop, you will receive premium tools that will help you to take correct decision. It validates Option Greeks and other trade parameters too.

Best and Free Options Aalysis Tool OptionsOracle NSE Plugin by Santosh Kumar Pasi

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Training during weekends only, please contact me for further details.

Indian Market Option Trading Training

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Post training, trade setups are provided for three months to recover training fees as profit from trades. We also provide support for three months to clarify any doubts. Contact me for other features of training.

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Training content are precisely made considering Indian market. You will master directional and non-directional strategies. With these, you can trade in any market conditions.

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Learn how to adjust strategies with simple concept, to lock profit and minimise loss!!!

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Past workshops

Participants includes full time traders, brokers and sub-brokers, professionals and retired personnel.

Option Trades - 201512-1

Based on volality, Calendar Spread is ideal strategy.

Here is Calendar Spread strategy:

NIFTY DEC15 CE 8000 (S) @ 125
NIFTY JAN15  CE 8000 (L) @ 190
Best and Free Options Strategy Tool for Indian market OptionsOracle

Best and Free Options Strategy Analysis Tool for Indian market OptionsOracle

Breakevens (higher side) :  8251
Breakevens (lower side)  : 7764

Max Loss Potential (in points):   -61
Max Profit Potential (in points):  92

1. Please use is at your own risk. 
2. I'll not be responsible for any risk or damage to your system or data or wealth or health or what so ever.

In case of query, feel free to contact me.

Options Trader Course India (Nifty, BankNifty and Stock)

Options Trader course is strategy based personal coaching programme for individuals who wish to learn and excel Option trading using correct Option Strategies based on market volatility and applicable in our Indian market (NSE).

This Options Trader course is open for individuals who are serious about Options trading using correct methodologies and tools. Those who wish to make consistence money using Option strategy trading.

Once you complete Options Trader course, support will be provided for three months to clarify any doubts and validate your trade set-up.

We will also provide Options trade ideas for three months that you can paper trade initially and then trade with real cash. These conservative trade ideas will be with limited risk only.

  • Two full days workshop (16+ hours)
  • Post workshop, you can opt for additional 4 hour online session to clarify any doubts and trade setups
  • Workshop is conducted on Weekends only (Saturday and Sunday)
  • In case of urgency can accommodate weekdays. 

Options Trader Course Highlights:
  • You will get latest version of OptionsOracle NSE Plugin (Premium), and will learn how to effectively use it
  • You will get Strategy Decision Maker - Windows App and Excel based custom tool for deciding correct strategy based on volatility
  • You will get Strategy Trade Manager - Excel based custom tool to validate strategy parameters and manage trade
  • Options Trader course is customized for Indian market (Nifty, BankNifty and Stock Option Strategies)
  • Options Trader course is for positional trades
  • Options Trader course during Weekends only
  • Options Trader course is conducted either Online or Onsite at business/learning center in Mumbai
  • Post Options Trader course, you will get Option Strategy trade ideas for three months (2 trade setups per month)
  • You will get support for three months to clarify any doubt and validate your Option Strategy trade setup

Topics Covered in Advanced Option Trading Workshop:
1. Option Basics
  • Option Terminologies
  • Option Premium
  • Option Writing
  • Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility
  • ITM, ATM, OTM (In the money, At the money, Out of the money)
  • Option Greeks (Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma and Rho)
  • Understanding chart for Support/Resistance, candlesticks charts

2. Option Analysis and Trading Tools
  • Effectively using OptionsOracle
  • Using tool "Strategy Decision Maker" to identify strategy for current volatility
  • Using tool "Strategy Trade Manager" to manage trade
  • When to be buyer of options and when to be seller (writer) of options?

3. Option Strategies (Neutral)
  • Mastering Non-Directional Option Strategies

4. Option Strategies (Directional)
  • Directional Option Strategies - Bullish
  • Directional Option Strategies - Bearing

5. Adjusting Option Trades
  • Importance of adjustment
  • When to initiate adjustment
  • How to adjust strategies to protect current profit?
  • How to adjust strategies to minimize loss in case trade is going against us?

6. Risk Management
  • Position sizing for strategies
  • Money management
  • Avoiding common mistakes

7. Practice
  • Identifying trades
  • Case studies


Following are tools you will receive as part of Options Strategy Premium Tool:
  • Latest version of OptionsOracle NSE Plugin (The free Option Strategy Tool)
  • Strategy Decision Maker: Recommends Option strategies based on market volatility
  • Strategy Trade Manager: To manage Option strategy trade life cycle)
  • Options Morphing: Guides new strategy if volatility level changes

OpStrater video:

  • English and Hindi

Training Fee:
Training fee includes Premium tools FREE worth Rs 5110.

Group Offer:
₹ 12,900 if joining in groups (two or more).

Early bird Offer:
₹ 14,500

Regular fee:

If individual who had already paid gets another member and participate in same workshop, will get benefit of Group Discount. His/her additional payment will be refunded or adjusted.

Once full payment is received you will receive tools including module 1 PDF guide, so that you can get prepared for workshop.

Next Workshop Schedule:

Further details:
Please contact me by call/SMS/WhatsApp on +91.98202.00550
Or email me toOptions Trader Course - India Market (Nifty, BankNifty and Stock)

Options Oracle India Plugin: Option strategy analyzer tool for Indian stocks

On auspicious occasion of Diwali

May God bless you and your family Happiness, Success and Prosperity on Diwali and Always.

Happy Diwali

Today I'm releasing updated version of OptionsOracle India Plugin.

OptionsOracle India Plugin is best and free Options Strategy Analysis tool in India supporting NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and NSE Stocks.

OptionsOracle is free tool for stock options trading strategy analysis, built for options traders. OptionsOracle is a powerful tool that allows testing of different options strategies using real-time options and stock-market information. The tool provides an easy interface to build a stock/options position and then test it using graphs and analytical tools. Its payoff chart helps to analyse strategy status at different price, date and volatility.

All credit goes to original team of Samoasky (specially Shlomo Shachar and Oren Moshe)

Special thank to my dear friend Pooja. Without her support and encouragement, this couldn't have been possible at all. You wouldn't have landed on this page. Initially, she encouraged me to try to fix issue with OptionsOracle and later on encouraged me to develop "Option Strategy Trading Workshop". We spent many weeks to develop course content. All course materials have been thoroughly validated and quality checked by her. Sometime, she makes it very difficult, in fact on many occasions, I felt like giving up. But every time I followed her, end results were much better than my expectation. She is my motivation for whatever I do. I only made it this far because of her. May God Bless her and keeps her happy, fulfill all her dreams and made her successful whatever she does. If this software helps you, don't forget to give your blessings to her.

Also, thank you to all near and dear ones, including family members, colleagues, participants of "Options Strategy Trading Workshop" and users of "Options Strategy Premium Tools" and members of blog and FB group members for supporting us and encouraging us.

This is slightly updated version by us using original codes from Sholomo Shachar and Oren Moshe.

It is simply the best free options analysis tool, that gives you all you need – options strategies analysis, options screener, volatility analyzer, greeks calculator, and portfolio manager.

Last Updated: January 08, 2019

To Download:

Latest version:
1a. Download OptionsOracle Installer zip file (Lastest version) here 
download statistics 
(MD5: 8124104adac3c8878cbe3f889ed0f650)     *Last updated: January 08, 2019

Alternate Version (older version):

1b. Download OptionsOracle Installer zip file  here 
download statistics 
(MD5: 3d36462a902b174ecec70280fdca746a)  *Last updated: August 15, 2018

2.  Unzip file
3.  Run setup.exe, proceed as shown on screen.

For support, query, faster response and latest updates, please visit FaceBook Group: 

Slower version is good for older systems such as Windows XP and others. If for some reason faster version is not working on your system, you can try slower version. 

Slower version tries to preserve Original (classical) UI and codes as much as possible. Hence it will not have new features (like faster speed to download, additional columns in "Strategy Positions", updated PCR, etc.). If you wish to use OptionsOracle based on Original version, then try Slower version. 

Incase if Online server is not configured:
1. Click on Config -> General -> Online Servers & Stock Exchange Selection
2.  Select option as shown below in screenshot.
3.  Click Yes.

Don't forget to like our facebook page and join group for latest announcements, and see my strategy trades.

Both faster and slower version are compatible on Windows platform (7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10)

Other Features:
OptionsOracle wizard is sophisticated options strategy screener that allow to check customized or pre-configures strategy over multiple stocks, with all the options combination. OptionsOracle Wizard feature is part of OptionsOracle. 

OptionsOracle options Greeks calculator can be used to check options-pricing in more detail. The calculator also provides the ability to quickly load the market options, and check them under different scenarios.

OptionsOracle also includes a multi-portfolio manager that allows you to monitor your positions in separate portfolio or in one main portfolio. The portfolio also provides the ability to quickly navigate between the saved strategies, allows simple and effective user-interface. 

For Advanced Options Strategy Trading Course (NIFTY, BankNIFTY, NSE Stocks), check Training  -> Option Trading. It's 2 days workshop.

1. Please use this tool at your own risk.
2. I'll not be responsible for any risk or damage to your system or data or wealth or health or whatsoever.
3. You are downloading data at your own risk, and any liabilities remains with you whatsoever including downloading options chain data.
In case of query, feel free to contact me.

Change Log:

Changes v 1.8.5:
  • Correctly parses NSE pages (As of Nov 11, 2015).
  • Index script NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and NIFTYIT are supported.
  • Stock scripts are supported as earlier.

Update: May 29, 2016:
  • Now it shows 10 Expiry Buttons at top right. 
  • Expiry buttons is shown in date and month format (e.g. 29 Jun) instead of earlier month and year (e.g. Jun 16).

Both these changes will help specially considering BankNIFTY weekly contracts.

Changes v 1.8.7 (Faster Version):
  • PCR (Put Call Ratio) updated to consider data only for current series instead of earlier combining all series.
  • Additional columns added in "Strategy Positions"
  • PCR shows PCR value in chart title.
  • It supports NIFYCPSE (NIFTY CPSE index) symbol.
  • Button "Enable Sort"/"Disable Sort" added to allow/disallow sorting of positions in "Strategy Positions" by columns.
  • Much stable.

Update: January 8, 2017 (Faster Version):
  • It now supports NIFTYCPSE.
  • Five additional columns added in "Strategy Positions".
  • Enable Sort/Disable Sort button added. So it allows/disallows sorting in "Strategy Positions".
  • PCR chart updated to show PCR value in Title.
  • More stable.

Update: July 2, 2017 (both Faster and Slower version):
  • Fixed issue with Historical Volatility
  • Fixed issue with Volatility Cone

Update: August 15, 2017 (Latest version):
  • It supports now Future. So you can add Long/Short Future.
  • Option chain table has column "OI Analysis" that shows Long Buildup, Short Buildup, Long Liquidation, Short Covering.
  • Contact US updated
  • About updated
  • Other minor changes

Known Issue:
In case if your system is downloading .json file, please use slower version or remove .json extension settings from registry.

1. Make sure your system has latest updates and patches.
2. Net Framework 4 or higher required.
3. In case if OptionsOracle downloads .json file. It requires minor changes in Windows registry. Just clean .json extension association.

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Pune (Tentative):
July 27-28 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Mumbai (Tentative):
August 3-4 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Chennai (Tentative):
August 31-Sep 1 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Hyderabad (Tentative):
September 14-15 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Delhi (Tentative):
September 21-22 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Bengaluru (Tentative):
October 12-13 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Near Koramangala
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)


Minimum 10 confirmations are required to plan the workshop in any city.


Minimum 10 participants are required.


Group fee: Rs. 17.700
Early bird fee: Rs. 18,880
Standard fee: Rs. 20,650
(FREE tools worth Rs. 5000)

Retake/Refresh/Repeat fee:
Classroom mode: Rs. 5,900


WhatsApp on 98202.00550.

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