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NIFTY BANKNIFTY Option Trading Training

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Our workshop is throughly designed and we have already trained 100s of traders across India and overseas.

NIFTY BANKNIFTY Option Trading Training

Learn Options Trading from Trader

As part of workshop, you will receive premium tools that will help you to take correct decision. It validates Option Greeks and other trade parameters too.

Best and Free Options Aalysis Tool OptionsOracle NSE Plugin by Santosh Kumar Pasi

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Training during weekends only, please contact me for further details.

Indian Market Option Trading Training

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Post training, trade setups are provided for three months to recover training fees as profit from trades. We also provide support for three months to clarify any doubts. Contact me for other features of training.

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Training content are precisely made considering Indian market. You will master directional and non-directional strategies. With these, you can trade in any market conditions.

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Learn Options Trading from Trader

Learn how to adjust strategies with simple concept, to lock profit and minimise loss!!!

Advanced Options Strategy Training Indian Market

Past workshops

Participants includes full time traders, brokers and sub-brokers, professionals and retired personnel.



OptionsOracle is a free tool for the stock options trading strategy analysis, built for the options traders.
Since options trading is more complex and can involve much higher risk than simple stock trading, traders need to fully understand the options strategy before investing in it. This is where OptionsOracle comes to help. OptionsOracle is a powerful tool that allows testing of different options strategies using real-time options & stock-market information. The tool provides an easy interface to build a stock/options position and then test it using graphs and analytical tools.

OptionsOracle is simple to use tool that includes a built-in tutorial. After entering the stock symbol, the software will automatically download the real-time information of the stock and its options. Next, using either the wizard with the pre-configured template or using the manual setting, the tested position is built. Lastly, the analysis tools will provide information about the position gain/loss given the stock price and time, enabling you to better understand the position.

OptionsOracle is FREE tool. Enjoy!


OptionsOracle Wizard is a sophisticated options strategy screener that allows checking customized or pre-configured strategies over multiple stocks with all the options combinations. The OptionsOracle Wizard feature is part of OptionsOracle.


OptionsOracle volatility analyzer is an easy-to-use historical & implied volatility calculator that provides the ability to analyze the historical volatility of an option compared to its actual implied volatility for similar time periods.


OptionsOracle options Greeks calculator can be used to check options-pricing in more detail. The calculator also provides the ability to quickly load the market options and check them under different scenarios. The Greeks calculator provides analysis of options price, volatility, delta, gamma, theta, and vega.


OptionsOracle includes a multi-portfolio manager that allows you to monitor your positions in separate portfolios or in one main portfolio. The portfolio also provides the ability to quickly navigate between the saved strategies with a simple and effective user-interface.


The strategy analysis tool provides the ability to test the strategy under different market scenarios (volatility, underlying price and date) and get the strategy performance and strategy greeks (delta, gamma, vega, theta).


The maximum underlying option pain is the underlying price point which will cause the maximum loss for options buyers as a whole, at the expiration date. The option pain graph shows the total option exercise value at the expiration date. The minimum point of the graph is the buyers "maximum option pain".


The volatility smile graph shows the volatility smile of options chain on different expiration dates. This graph can be used to estimate the volatility change of an option given the distance from the ATM option.


The customized indicators feature allows users to enter there own formula or algorithm in JavaScript language to help in ranking stock options.


OptionsOracle is free software (FREEWARE). No catches. Enjoy!


It is simply the best free options trading analysis tool, that gives you all you need - options strategies analysis, options screener, volatility analyzer, greeks calculator, and portfolio manager.


OptionsOracle is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.


Max Pain Theory in Option

Let's understand what is option max pain theory and how to use it.

  • Big Boys (fund houses) have enough funds and resources to move (manipulate) market.
  • Big Boys are option seller.
  • Around 90% of the options expire worthless, hence option writers/sellers tend to make money more often, more consistently than the option buyers.

Option Max Pain theory:
Options Max Pain Theory suggests, “On option expiration day, the underlying index or stock price often moves toward a point that brings maximum loss to option buyers.”

The maximum underlying option pain is the underlying price point which will cause the maximum loss for option buyers as a whole at the expiration date. It is believed that money-makers are making extra money by selling options (both calls and puts), and they will manipulate the stock price approaching expiration date to minimize their liability to exercise options, causing "maximum option pain" to the option buyers. 

Max pain can be calculated manually or automatically using OptionsOracle. Let's see both method below.

Manual process:
If you want to do it manually, here are steps:
  1. List down the various strikes on the exchange and note down the open interest of both calls and puts for these strikes.
  2. Now for each of the strike price that you have noted, assume that the market expires at that strike.
  3. Calculate how much money is lost by option writers (both call option and put option writers) assuming the market expires as per the assumption in step 2.
  4. Add up the money lost by call and put option writers.
  5. Identify the strike at which the money lost by option writers is least.

This is the level at which least amount of money is lost by option writers and is the point at which maximum pain is caused to option buyers. Therefore this is the price at which the market is most likely to expire.

Using OptionsOracle
Let's do it using OptionsOracle:

1. Open OptionsOracle, make sure plugin is correctly configured.

2.  Now, let's try to find max pain for NIFTY. So in symbol, type NIFTY and click on Update button.

3. Once option chain data is downloaded, click on "Option Pain" button.

4. Finally it will open "Option Pain" graph and if you notice on chart title it does shows Max Pain strike too. If you are using latest version of OptionsOracle (Faster version) then only Max Pain Strike will be shown in title. Earlier version use to show just graph and we have to manually move pointer on graph to identify max pain strike.

The option pain graph shows the total option exercise value at the expiration date. The minimum point of the graph is the buyers "maximum option pain".

As we are nearer to expiry, big boys will try moves (manipulate) an index or stock so that sellers like them will in profit or least hurt whereas option buyer will be at max pain!!!

How to use Max Pain?
Max pain gives you rough estimate where most likely expiry will happen. Using this you may short OTM strikes few ATR or Standard deviation away based on number of days remaining for the expiry on both the sides i.e. OTM CALL and OTM PUT.

Max Pain strike may change on daily basis. 
Trading using max pain may requires adjustments if max pain strike changes. 
It is more useful when we are nearer to expiry.

Nothing in this article is financial advice and should not be construed as such. Please do not take trading decisions based solely on the matter above; if you do, it is entirely at your own risk without any liability to Pasitechnologies.com. 
We may have positions in the market and some of them may support or contradict the material given above.

Getting started with OptionsOracle video

I have received many requests to publish video on OptionsOracle in my FaceBook group and in my blog. So here is video.

Hope it helps fellow OptionsOracle users and option traders.

Second part will be posted after some time based on your feedback.

So kindly share your feedback. 


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Mumbai (Tentative):
June 15-16 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Delhi (Tentative):
June 29-30 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Bengaluru (Tentative):
July 13-14 (09:30 to 06:30)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Yet to be finalized
Fee: Rs 18,880 (Early-bird)

Online for Overseas (Tentative):
August 17-18 (10:00 to 07:00)
(Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Online
Fee: USD 500
Limited seats available.

For online mode, it is only for overseas participants and will be conducted in IST day time on weekend. We will have only one online session per quarter. Part payment is not allowed in online mode.

For classroom mode, if you wish to postpone, inform us at least two days in advance.


Minimum 10 confirmations are required to plan the workshop in any city.


Minimum 10 participants are required.


Group fee: Rs. 17,700
Early bird fee: Rs. 18,880
Standard fee: Rs. 20,650
(FREE tools worth Rs. 5000)

Online (For overseas):
Fee: USD 500

Retake/Refresh/Repeat fee:
Classroom mode: Rs. 5,900
Online mode: USD 250


WhatsApp on 98202.00550.

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