Options Trading Education, Workshop and Tools for an Indian market.

OpStrater: The Options Strategy Trade Planner (Quick Start Guide Video)

OpStrater is one stop solution to manage life cycle of Options Strategy Trade.

It has following tools:
1. Strategy Decision Maker (VIX)
2. Strategy Decision Maker (HV-IV)
3. Strategy Trade Manager
4. Options Morphing

Here is quick start video

Santosh Kumar Pasi, Options Trader and Trainer: OpStrater: The Options Strategy Trade Planner (Quick Start Guide Video)


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Confirmed workshops:

August 19 & 20 (Sat and Sun)
Fee: Rs. 14,500 (Early bird now)

Tentative workshops:
Fee: Rs 12,900 for below:


Online (one to one/two):
Fee: Rs 14,500:

On demand
Next slot: July 29 & 30
(Saturday and Sunday)


(e.g Hyderabad, Pune, Surat, others)
Minimum 3 confirmations are required to conduct workshop in any city.


Group fee: Rs. 12,900
Early bird fee: Rs 14,500
Standard fee: Rs 15,900
(FREE tools worth Rs. 5,100)

For more info:
CALL/SMS/WhatsApp on 98202.00550

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