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Options Oracle NSE Plugin (Beta)

OptionsOracle is one of the essential tool to analyse options strategy. But it is not maintained by original authors since 2012. The original authors have graciously released the tool into the open source community.

Because of unexpected change on NSE webpage, this tool fails to parse page and stops working. We have seen this 3-4 times since 2012. Again June of 2015, it stopped working.

Earlier few coders (matsol, Sandeep Rawat and others) have supported community by updating it for NSE plugin.

Last two month, no one took steps to fix it. 

So Pooja Verma advised me why to look for others to fix it, better  I should try self. With her encouragement I tried and was able to fix it. And result is positive. It is perfectly working with latest change on NSE webpage. Hope lots of Indian users will find this useful.

Special thank to my dear friend Pooja Verma. Without her support and encouragement, this couldn't have been possible at all.

I'm releasing this tool to community on Indian Independence Day (August 15).

Options, Options Analysis, NSE, Nifty, India Stock Market, Stock Analysis Tool Greeks Calc, Volatility Cone, Volatility Smile, Put Call Ratio MatSol, Sandeep Rawat, Deepak Shenoy of CapitalMind

Options, Options Analysis, NSE, Nifty, India Stock Market, Stock Analysis Tool Greeks Calc, Volatility Cone, Volatility Smile, Put Call Ratio MatSol, Sandeep Rawat, Deepak Shenoy of CapitalMind

Pasi Technologies, Options Trading, Training and Tools: Options Oracle NSE Plugin (Beta)



  1. Great effort Santosh. Thanks a lot

  2. Excellent work buddy. Proud of you.

  3. Thanks and appreciate your efforts ..

  4. Thanks and appreciate your efforts ..

  5. thnks a lot pasi ji . . . no words to express my feelings. and thanks also to shrikollam anil agrawal ji who had referred your blogs address inhis facebook post.

    THANKS AGAIN !!!!!

  6. Hi All, Thank you so much. Hope it makes your options trading little easier.

  7. Abhishekji, thank you. Enjoy OptionsOracle and Options trading.

  8. Sir where is download link for plug in

  9. Dear Santhosh,
    Thanks for sharing this. its working good. Can you tell me how to use this?, how to build own strategy for trade nifty option?, I Could view Open Interest Value, can i view Change of Open interest value for Nifty? Or Can you suggest me any blog or site to get help for Option Oracle ?

  10. i got error

  11. Hi Vanita, most of users have faced issue with .json. So I have published workaround solution. Please use third zip file. I'm sure it will work.

  12. Firstly Thanks a lot Santosh to bring back this lively tool. But I don't know why HV (Historical Value) is not displaying. Have you noticed it? if not can you please take a look into it. It is one of the critical to analyse the option trades.

  13. Hi W RamaKrishnaji, to enable Historical Volatility, please click on Config-> Volatility & Math -> General ->
    [x] Download Historical Volatility If Available (increases download time).

    This will show Historical Volatility. It does increases download time as additional data is downloaded and processed.
    Hope this helps.

  14. Thanks Santosh... It is working much appreciated for help.

  15. Hi Santosh,
    Great efforts you have taken for this valuable software.
    Please let us know how can we use per-configured strategy, because its showing blank.

  16. @Amit, Once you run, select script and update data as mentioned in other blog. Later on select "Templates" under "Strategy Positions". This is show pre-configured strategies.

  17. Hi Santosh,

    I am also facing the same "pre-configured strategies" issue and I have tried the same but in "Templates" under "Select Strategy" drop down, there is not "pre-configured strategies"

  18. @Raji,

    Follow upto step 3 of http://santoshpasi.blogspot.in/2015/08/how-to-use-optionsoracle-nse-india.html. Then select "Templates" under "Strategy Positions". This is show pre-configured strategies.

  19. Hi Santosh,

    Thanks for the efforts you have taken to fix the NSE plugin.
    I was using it with previous NSE plugin at that time pre-configured strategies was working fine. after that I when NSE made some changes at there end OptionsOracle stop working, so I struggled lot but I couldn't find out working copy. Fortunately I found your blog and a working copy of OptionsOracle. now in this copy everything is working fine except "pre-configured strategies"

    I tried different OS with different .net combinations but no success. So please help

  20. @Raju, Hope it is resolved now, enjoy Trading.

  21. @Amit and Raju,

    You can download following file https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B33vepb97XT7dDdfZm1lQzhzT3M
    and extract in folder %appdata% (Start->Run-> %appdata%)

    Rename folder as OptionsOracle.

  22. Hi Santosh,

    My problem has been resolved by using above files.
    Thank you very much for your support.

  23. Thanks Santosh for sharing this :)

  24. Santosh - With recent changes by NSE India, we can't download the Nifty & Bank Nifty stocks reports. While downloading it is saying symbol not found error.

    Could you please take a look into it.

    1. @ W RamaKrishna, yes. NSE has changed names of index script. I'm working on it to fix this and very soon it will be uploaded here. Keep watch on blog.

  25. hi SANTHOSH JI, great effort thanks for that, am new to options ,even though am very much interested ,
    am trying to run these both OPTIONS ORACLE files but both showing CURRENT CONFGURED SERVER IS NOT AVAILABLE. USING PLUGIN SERVER US (CBOE) INSTEAD ,,,,,, SHOWING THIS MSG how can i set up OPTIONS ORACLE pls help me.

    1. @Sree,

      Please download latest files from main page:

      And follow instruction as mentioned on page.

  26. hi santosh..
    still not working on my laptop, i need nifty50 scripts maxpain charts...
    showing http://prntscr.com/9aq2ec
    thanks in advance...

    1. @ ANMPatel, you symbol as "NIFTY" instead of NSEI.

  27. hi santhosh , today only i installed options oracle, thanks for the software, i downloaded and did in configuration settings like you said, in symbol space i entered as NIFTY/NIFTY50 and then i clicked on update, it is downloading json file, i saved it, after few seconds error message is displaying "like symbol not found", please solve this issue

    1. @ Nithin, Please use slow version of latest release using URL:

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Thank You Santosh ji full santosh .


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