OpStater: Options Strategy Premium Tool

Options Strategy Premium Tool is combo pack consists of following:

OpStrater: The Options Strategy Trade Organizer
OptionsOracle India Plugin with USDINR and other currency pair support
Options Basics PDF Guide (Introduction to Option and Tool)
Strategy Decision Maker (VIX)
Strategy Decision Maker (HV-IV)
One Year technical support

OpStrater is set of the following tools:
1. Strategy Decision Maker (VIX based)
2. Strategy Decision Maker (HV-IV based)
3. Strategy Trade Manager*
4. Options Strategy Morphing*

* Not supported for premium users. Only supported if you have attended the workshop.

  • Strategy Decision Maker (VIX), it recommends Option strategies based on analyzing INDIA VIX. Its recommendations can be used for NIFTY and BankNIFTY Option Analysis.
  • Strategy Decision Maker (HV-IV), it recommends Option strategies based on analyzing volatility. Based on the scrip selected it can be used for Index or NIFTY 50 scrips.
  • One year Technical Support for "OpStrater" and "OptionsOracle India Plugin" experimental features (remote support only)
  • Option Basics Guide (PDF document - Covers partially first and second module of Options Trading Course)
  • "Strategy Trade Manager" is provided as a complimentary tool. Support for this tool is not provided in premium edition. Session on effective use of this tool is provided during the workshop.

Here are screenshots:

Strategy Decision Maker (VIX):

 Strategy Decision Maker (HV-IV):

Strategy Trade Manager with sample trade setup:

Options Morphing:

FII/DII OI Analysis:

About US and Logoff:

OptionsOracle India Plugin Advance
OptionsOracle India plugin with USDINR and other currency pair support:

You can watch the below video to know more details about how it works. 

Please note Google ID or FaceBook ID is required for authentication and authorization. If you don't have Google ID or FaceBook ID, you have to create one.

This tool is for personal and standard use for authorized users only and not to be shared with others or the public. If it is shared or someone attempts reverse engineering on a tool, we will remove access without prior notice. Fee paid will not be returned in violation of terms and conditions.

If the tool expires (for known or unknown reason) within a year, an upgrade will be provided free of cost.

It works only Windows 10.

Addition Benefit:
If you are participating in Options Trading Training (workshop) within a year of purchase, you will get a discount of Rs. 2950 on Options Strategy Trading Training.

Combo pack fee is: Rs. 5900 only (First time payment for a year).
Renewal fee is: Rs. 2360 (second year onward for a year).

You can pay by Cash, Cheque, Mobile Payments, NEFT or IMPS transfer.

Here is the bank detail:

Name: Santosh Kumar Karmraj Pasi
Account Number: 000405015336
Account Type: Current Account
Branch: Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021
IFSC Code: ICIC0000004

UPI: pasi@icici

Once you deposit a fee, please contact me on email or Call/SMS/WhatsApp on +91.98202.00550 and inform me about the payment with your email address.

Terms & Conditions:
1. This is a combo pack only, so individual items are not available separately. It is available as a single installer.
2. OptionsOracle remains free, charges are for supporting experimental features in plugin.
3. Fee charged is for OpStrater, one hour session on effectively using tools, providing one year technical support and Option Basics PDF Guide.
4. The support will be provided through Internet based remote software.
5. Support is provided for above listed tools only and doesn't include OS or other troubleshooting.
6. Please note, if NSE and other related sites make major changes at their end, tools may not be able to function.

Frequently asked questions:
What are differences between Options Strategy Premium Tool and OptionsOracle India plugin?
Options Strategy Premium Tool has following advantages:

  • Tool "OpStrater" is a unique tool and recommends strategy based on current volatility.
  • You will get one hour session (remote) on effectively using tools.
  • You will get one year technical support for both tools
  • You will get Option Basics Guide (first module of my Option Training Course)
  • You may opt for the latest beta version of OptionsOracle India Plugin, this package is experimental, but it is the latest beta build, and it downloads data much faster as it uses encrypted protocol.
  • The latest beta version of OptionsOracle India plugin supports USDINR currency option, Symbol is USDINR.

Is it possible to get individual items (e.g. PDF guide)?
No, it is a combo pack so individual items are not available.

What are system requirements for tools?

It works on Windows platform (Windows 2007, Windows 8, Windows 10 including 32 bit and 64 bit with latest patches and updated Internet Explorer).

Does it work on tablets?
It works on Windows based tablets.

Does it work on mobile?

No, currently it doesn't support mobile.

Does it work on Mac OS?

No, it doesn't work on Mac OS. On Mac OS, you can install parallel or VMware and run windows virtual machine, under that you can run our tools.

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