OTC Challenge: June Series, 2017

Welcome to Pasi Technologies's OTC Challenge:- 

OTC Challenge for June Series is open now and will close on June 27, 2017.

You have to guess expiry (SPOT price) for NIFTY and get chance to WIN Option Strategy Premium Tool: OpStrater.

URL to post response:

Following are terms and conditions:

  1. Winner will be decided based on how closely expiry was predicated.
  2. In case of tie up, the one who posted first will be winner.
  3. Response should be posted in “OTC Challenge” post in group www.facebook.com/groups/OptionTradingCourse 
  4. OpStrater will be licensed for one year and to the FB user ID used in response.
  5. Multiple response by single user will disqualify user.
  6. Challenge will be closed on Tuesday of Expiry week.
  7. Any response added or updated after Tuesday of "Expiry Week" will disqualify user.
  8. Winner needs to share picture and short profile, so that we can post winner details in our sites, blogs, posts, etc.
  9. You can update your response until Tuesday of "Expiry Week".
  10. We will post Winner on weekend of Expiry Week.
  11. OpStrater license is not transferable.
  12. We keep rights to modify terms and conditions at our wish without any notice.


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