Strategy Decision Maker for NIFTY and BankNIFTY

Strategy Decision Maker version 1.0 is added as addition tool in OptionsOracle NSE Plugin Premium combo pack.

Strategy Decision Maker analysis INDIA VIX and recommends Options Strategies suitable for current volatility.

Strategy Decision Maker answers whether you will be buyer or seller of Options.

It can be used for NIFTY and BankNIFTY Options strategy recommendations. However Strategy Decision Maker suggestions should not be used for Stock Option trading, as INDIA VIX doesn't represent volatility of individual Stocks.

Based on recommendations from Strategy Decision Maker, we need to analyse other parameters (e.g. Risk Rewards, Option Greeks, etc.) before initiating Option trades.

Earlier this tool was Excel based, now it is Windows application and completely automated. 

Options Workshop participants will receive both version of Strategy Decision Maker (Windows application and Excel based tool). Excel version will be used for other Stock Option strategy analysis and other parameters.

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