OpStrater and OptionsOracle Updates - 20170108

As informed and provided preview in FaceBook Group page, we are now releasing updates to OpStrater and OptionsOracle.

Here are updates to OpStrater:

1. "Strategy Trader Manager" can import OptionsOracle file.

Here are updates to OptionsOracle (both fast version and premium version):

1. "Strategy Positions has five new columns: 

PL Value
PL %
ITM Prob
Time Value

1. PL Value: It shows profit/loss status in points.

2. PL %: This shows profit/loss status in percentage. 
    If you have shorted and currently profit percentage is above 80%, it will appear in Golden color.

3. ITM Prob: It shows ITM probability for option strike.

 4. Time Value: It shows current "Time value" remaining in option.

5.  Remark: You can add remark/comment in your positions individually. 

6.   Additional button to enable/disable sorting in "Strategy Positions". 

7. In "Put Call Ratio" graph, now it now shows PCR value in title.

By the way it supports NIFTY CPSE too, symbol for it is NIFTYCPSE.

Also there is hidden feature to add sort of separator (blank row), try adding row with:
1. Type: Long Stock
2. Qty: 1111
3. Opn/Cls: Close

And there are few more enhancements so that it remains stable.

If you want to know how to effectively use both tools, you can join Options Strategy Trading Workshop regularly conducted online and class-room mode.

For Download, please visit:
Download OptionsOracle

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