OTC Challenge: August Series, 2017

Welcome to Pasi Technologies's OTC Challenge:- 

OTC Challenge for August Series is open now and will close on August 29, 2017

We are already excited to celebrate "Independent Day".
We are also celebrating two years supporting OptionsOracle.
Hence is award for OTC Challenge - August Series.

Yes, there is chance to win Two Days Options Strategy Trading Workshop.

You have to guess expiry (SPOT price) for NIFTY and get chance to WIN Option Strategy Premium Tool: OpStrater.

URL to post response:

Following are terms and conditions:
  1. Response should be posted in “OTC Challenge” post in FB group www.facebook.com/groups/OptionTradingCourse
  2. Your Facebook account should be at least three month old and active one. Any participant abusing system will disqualify and will be blocked. 
  3. Winner will be decided based on how closely expiry was predicted. It should be SPOT price and absolute value.
  4. Multiple response by single user will disqualify user. Entries with “above”, “below”, “between” or “range”, etc. will not be considered.
  5. Challenge will be closed on Tuesday of “Expiry Week”. Any response added or updated after Tuesday of “Expiry Week” will disqualify user.
  6. There will be one WINNER/SUPER WINNER. In case of tie up, the one who posted first will be winner.
  7. If your GUESS is most nearer to expiry but more than 5 points away from actual expiry, then you are “OTC WINNER” and award will be OpStrater.
  8. If your GUESS is very close within range of 5 points of actual expiry, then you are “OTC SUPER WINNER” and award will be TWO DAYS OPTION WORKSHOP.
  9. For OTC WINNER, OpStrater will be licensed for one year and to the FB user ID used in response. 
  10. For OTC SUPER WINNER, you can attend any one Two Days Options Strategy Trading Workshop (Weekend) in the month of November or December 2017, else it will be void. We hope you have understanding of market, basic understanding of options.
  11. Winner needs to share picture & short profile, so that we can post winner details in our sites, blogs, posts, etc.
  12. Reward is non-transferable and non-exchangeable. All rights are reserved with us.
  13. We will post Winner on weekend of Expiry Week.
  14. We keep rights to modify terms and conditions at our wish without any notice.

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  1. Thank you for sharig this pasi technilogical challenge. It is one i would die for to participate. I wish i was within the vicinity to participate in this challengs. Thanks for sharing the updates.


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