OpStrater Version 1.0.2 (Release 20180108)

We are excited to release update of OpStrater version 1.0.2.

Here are update release:

OpStrater: Strategy Trade Manager Updates:

  • It now support bullish strategy : BULL PUT Spread
  • It now supports bearish strategy : BEAR CALL Spread.
  • "Risk per strategy" is stored whenever updated.
  • While saving, it automatically recommends file name as "Scrip-YYYYMMDD" where YYYYMMDDD represents End Date of Strategy.

OptionsOracle Updates:
  • When option chain data is downloaded, it shows ATMs only. Filter button OTM and ITM are disabled by default.
  • ATM strikes range increased from 2% for 5% of underlying asset price. 
  • Font size increased for "Strategy Summary" contents
  • Font size slightly increased for "Strategy Positions" contents.
  • Debit calculation updated for Long Future and Short Future.
  • Under Config -> Commission, support for Long Future and Short Future.
  • Under Config -> Indicators "From Lists" populated. So predefined Indicators can be used.
  • Notes area in "Strategy Position" increases size as soon as user clicks on it.
  • We have added two additional column "Lower BE/Protection Price" and "Upper BE/Protection Price" in Portfolio Manager.
  • By default, it will download Option Chain data for 3 series only and ignore remaining series. This way it will be much faster in download and performance. However, you can Config to set to download all series using Config -> General.
  • Lots of other minor fixes.

OptionsOracle Advance Updates:
  • All of above
  • Config -> Indicators, it has support for three indicators instead of two indicators in standard OptionsOracle.
  • USDINR prices are shown in four decimals.

To Download:
Please join FB Group "Option Trading Course" and under files section you will get download file.

Here are few of screenshots:

1. Strategy Trade Manager supporting BULL PUT Spread and BEAR CALL Spread.

2. OptionsOracle Advance supporting three indicators. See last three columns in Option Chain table.

3. OptionsOracle Advance supporting three indicators. Also "From List" are populated now.

4. OptionsOracle: While writing in Notes area under "Strategy Positions" text area automatically increases size.

5. Using Config -> General, you can set either to download only three series or all available series.

6. Config -> Commissions now supports Long Future and Short Future.

7. OptionsOracle Advance showing USDINR with 4 decimals support in price.


  1. Thanks Santoshji, very good update.

  2. I wish to download options oracle app .Pls.advise steps/link.i have already sent request on fb page.Thanks

  3. santhosh ji for ur contribution towards trading community we are always thankful to you


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