SEBI Allows Exchanges To Extend Trading Hours For Equity Derivatives

Recently SEBI has allowed stock exchanges to extend trading in equity derivatives until 11:55 PM starting Oct 1. Now it is up to exchanges to show preparedness and seek approval for extended hours.

In case if bourses goes ahead with this extended hours, we  expect following changes:

1.  Many professionals those are not able to participate during normal business hours can go ahead with this extended hour facility. In turn this will increase some volumes in derivatives.

2.  In case of some unexpected news or after market hours earning reports, we can expect good movement and opportunities in derivatives to grab.

3.  For option traders, overall volatility (vega) may be slightly lower than now, as unexpected news/excitement of uncertainty will be shorter compared to now.

4.  Theta will continue to behave as now. We don't expect it will loose it's significant. Time as function never stops or change for others.

5.  For future traders, and those who relying on 30 min or lower time frame charts, have to be cautious. As after cash market hours, we don't expect to see similar volumes and thus moving averages, indicators and oscillators, etc. (based on time based functions) will behave differently. Be ready to add exceptions in your trading platform/rules for these.

6.  As there will be no change in SPOT price after cash market hour, derivative prices will be subjective and may not show right picture.

7.  As normal human being, we won't be able to stress for 15 hours, so expect traders shifting towards algo trading.

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