Indian Market Outlook: July 27, 2018

Here is market outlook. NIFTY is likely to open neutral. It is likely to remain sideways to positive in the later part of the day.


  1. Mr. Santosh,
    I became quite impressed with your thorough studies of the options trading. I have been into options trading since last 5 months mostly on NIFTY index. Every month I make a profit of around 100% return but, at the same time I am taking advice from some advisory company who gives me loss calls which wipes my entire profit made solely with my efforts. That's why I decided to improve my knowledge and skills with different study material such as: option basics by Zerodha, Option trading made easy by Guy Cohen and Trade like a Stock market wizard by Mark Minervini. Little bit similarity between you and me is looking at the duration of expiry. Although, I look for Delta, volatility etc., I am not yet captured the studies to my personal satisfaction level.
    Today, I read about your success story in the and understood how deep you have gone to become a successful trader and got impressed.
    Although, I am a technical person from the Electrical Engg. background, but now my profession has changed altogether and I am working in the field of drug de-addiction project as a consultant, a trainer having my own rehabilitation center and also in the field of HIV/AIDS sector. Trading has recently been my passion. But, I don't have any software or tools to analyse the outlook.
    I need your help.

  2. But you already said you make 100% return per month with your efforts..why you still need any help


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