OpStrater and OptionsOracle Updates-20181108

Wishing you all a very happy and sparkling Deepawali. 

On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, we are updating our tools. Here are quick updates:

OptionsOracle and OptionsOracle Advance:
We didn't able to make any major changes. However, we do added some minor changes and added shortcut keys. 

You can use following shortcut keys:
1. Ctrl + N = > New
2. Ctrl + O or Ctrl + L => Load
3. Ctrl + S => Save
4. Ctrol + G => Graph

Check download page to download latest version.

1. Strategy Decision Maker (HV-IV) shows PCR (Put-Call Ratio) value directly.
2. Strategy Trade Manager shows recommended price range for adjustments.

Market Outlook:
On this auspicious day, we will start using our new application to prepare and post market outlook. This will be exclusively used by us. This will help us to save few minutes every morning.

Here is sample market outlook using our new tool:

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