OpStrater and OptionsOracle Updates - 20200319

We are pleased to release updated version of OpStrater and OptionsOracle on this auspicious and beautiful day.

Here are enhancements:

1. "Strategy Decision Maker" now provides 

  •      "Expected Trend" 
  •      "Expected S/R"
    This will help us in planning trade.
2. Minor changes based on our workshop methodology.

1. Probability of Point (POP) is added in Strategy Summary.
2. Minor bug fixes. 

OptionsOracle Advanced:
1. Probability of Profit (POP) is added in Strategy Summary. 
2. Greek ratios are added in Strategy Summary
  • Delta/Theta, 
  • Vega/Theta
  • Theta/Gamma (TGR)
3. Other minor bug fixes.


To install, first uninstall old version from control panel.

For support please post message/s in our Facebook group.

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