Indian Market Outlook: April 22, 2020

NIFTY is likely to open negative.
It is likely to remain negative to sideways in the later part of the day.

NIFTY short term support is between 8810-8860 and resistance is between 9300-9350.

BANKNIFTY short term support is between 19070-19170 and resistance is between 20510-20610.

Can look for long opportunity, we are most likely to open near short term support.

Last Trading Day's Highlights for us:

1. Monthly Currency option strategy positional trades - None.
2. Monthly Stock option strategy positional trades are in control.
3. Weekly BANKNIFTY option strategy positional trades are in RED.
4. Intraday trades - None
5. We have recently released updated version of our tools OptionsOracle and OpStater.
6. OptionsOracle now even shows POP (Probability of Profit).
7. OptionsOracle Advanece along with POP shows Greek Ratio details like Delta/Theta, Vega/Theta & Gamma/Theta.
8. OpStrater shows "Expected Trend" and "Expected S/R". This will help us while planning trade.
9. Check details about upcoming webinar at

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