OpStrater and OptionsOracle Updates - 20200522

We are pleased to release updated version of OpStrater and OptionsOracle on this auspicious and beautiful day.

Here are enhancements:

OptionsOracle Advance (part of OpStrater package) and OptionsOracle:
1. "Row Up" and "Row Down" in "Strategy Positions.
  • Using this you can easily move position up and down based on your preference.
2. "PUT CALL Ratio" shows price line too. 
  • This will help us to know how are we placed compared to max OI CALL and PUT strike.
3. Removed columns like "Commission" and "Investment" from "Strategy Positions".
  • Those were rarely used by us. In case if you wish to add them, it can be done from Config-> View -> Tables -> Market Strategy Table.
4. Theme "Bright Scheme" updated. 
  • This will help those who loves "Bright Scheme".
5. Some minor updates.


To install, first uninstall old version from control panel.

For support please post message/s in our Facebook group.

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