OptionsOracle and OpStrater Updates: January 8, 2019

Excited to release updated version of OptionsOracle and OpStrater on this special day today.

All the new features were added both in OptionsOracle (Free) and OptionsOracle Advance (part of OpStrater).

Following are new features/enhancement we have added:
1.  Supporting multiple future series
2.  PCR: Now support both OI and change in OI
3. Easy option to square-off. On position, right click on "Open", it will show option to "Square-Off Position".
4. Lots of minor changes.

Also note, we have made some significant change, so you will not be able to upload old saved strategies. However you can load old saved file and see position, but update will not work.

If you are using old saved file, it may show duplicate entry in Option Chain table and at the same time, will not reflect price change in "Strategy Position".

You have to create New file and manually add those old positions in new file.

Here are screenshots:

1. Supporting multiple Future Series:

2. PCR based on OI, see additional button on status bar.

3. PCR based on Change in OI, see additional button on status bar.

4. Right click on "Open" and easy way to square-off position. It add square-off position, you need need to update Price with your traded price.

To download, please see our download page.

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