OptionsOracle and OpStrater Updates: November 8, 2019

Excited to release updated version of OptionsOracle and OpStrater on this special day today.

OptionsOracle and OptionsOracle Advance:
1. Minor bug fix.
2. Symbol list is updated.

1. "Strategy Trade Manager" is updated, including minor change in look and feel.
2. Minor update in initial study material.

To download, please see our download page.

1. Make sure to uninstall all old versions.
2. Delete old installer (if any).
3. Download latest version and install it.

If you get "Requested symbol was not found as symbol or company-name.", following:

Attempt following to resolve:
1.  Uninstall and install again.
2.  Try installing in different folder.
3.  Make sure endpoint protection (like firewall or antivirus) is not blocking our tools.
4.  Make sure latest version of dotnet framework is installed (on older Windows OS). You can download from: 
5.  Make sure to update your Windows operating system with latest patches, hotfixes, service release, including Internet Explorer.
6. Reset Internet Explorer (not in Chrome or Mozilla)
    Internet Explorer -> Tools -> 
Security -> Reset all zones to default level
Advanced -> Restore advanced settings

7. Latest version of IE Security patches can be downloaded from:

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