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Information in this blog/site is for educational purpose only and is not a tips to trade (buy or sell) or sort of advisory services.

Disclosures as per SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA REGULATIONS (SEBI) and other regulations:

I DO NOT offer tips either to buy a Stock or any investment in any Option or Future.

If there are any recommendations then it is for educational purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell.

We may/may not have actual positions in trade idea given on blog.

We are not responsible for any profit or loss occurring due to the recommendations in this website.

We and/or my clients may have investments in any stock that is recommend in this website.

I/my family have no financial interest or beneficial interest of more than 1% in the company whose stocks I am recommending.

I/my family have not received any compensation from the company where I am recommending a trade or investment.

We have no material conflict in recommendations posted here.

NOTE: The company, product and service names used in this web site are for identification purposes only. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

We have worked hard, done our research properly and written the articles in this blog/website out of our years of experiences as a trader and also using knowledge we got from formal education, trading groups, reading several books, websites, forums, eBooks, online journals etc. However please understand that stock (including derivatives) market investments are subject to market risks. So please do your own research before investing in any stock (including derivatives) or trying any strategy/trade written in this website. We are trying our best to educate option traders in India and we are sure you you'll find this site helpful.

This disclosures/disclaimer may be updated as and when required at our own wish without any notification.

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October 7 & 8 (Sat and Sun)
Fee: Rs 14,500 (Early bird)

October 14 & 15 (Sat and Sun)
Fee: Rs. 14,500 (Early bird)

October 21 & 22 (Sat and Sun)
Fee: Rs. 14,500

Online (one to one / two):
October 28 & 29 (Sat and Sun)
Fee: Rs. 14,500


Next available slot: October 28 & 29
(Saturday and Sunday)


Minimum 3 confirmations are required to conduct workshop in any city.


Group fee: Rs. 13,500
Early bird fee: Rs 14,500
Standard fee: Rs 15,900
(FREE tools worth Rs. 5,100)

For more info:
WhatsApp/Call/SMS on 98202.00550

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