OptionsOracle India Plugin (V 1.8.7) Release

Wishing all fellow traders and all a Very Happy Independence Day.

On this occasion, I'm releasing OptionsOracle India Plugin Version 1.8.7.

All credit goes to original team of Samoasky (specially Shlomo Shachar and Oren Moshe)

Thank you for all near and dear ones, including family members, colleagues, participants of "Options Strategy Workshop" and users of "Options Strategy Premium Tools" and members of blog and FB group members for supporting and encouraging us.

This update is based on feedback (webinar) from Rajandran of MarketCall (www.marketcalls.in). He correctly pointed out that in PCR, currently it combines all series data and shows graph. Instead for our market, we should only consider current series data. Hence is this upgrade.

Kindly read and understand EULA (End User License Agreement), it is applicable for all version of OptionsOracle updated by me.

It consist of two agreements:
2. OptionsOracle License

EULA details are available on my earlier post:

OptionsOracle is now available in three formats/packages, based on your choice you can opt any:
1. OptionsOracle India Plugin - Slower Version (1.8.5)
2. OptionsOracle India Plugin - Faster Version (1.8.7)
3. Options Strategy Premium Tool  Version (1.8.8)

Check menu "Options Trading" and  "Tool" to download. 

Main differences:
OptionsOracle India Plugin - Slower Version V. 1.8.5
It is based earlier codes, PCR (PUT CALL Ratio) original codes.

OptionsOracle India Plugin - Faster Version V. 1.8.7

It is based on updated codes, PCR (PUT CALL Ratio) shows data considering only expiry series. 

It download comparatively smaller subset of data, so is faster. 
This will be available for download starting August 15, 2016.

Options Strategy Premium Tool Version 1.8.8

This is combo pack consists of mainly:

  • Strategy Decision Maker
  • One hour session on effectively using tools
  • Support Services
  • Option Basics Guide (Module - 1) 
  • OptionsOracle India Plugin (choice)
Here user can opt one of two version of OptionsOracle:
1. OptionsOracle India Plugin - Faster Version 1.8.7 or
2. OptionsOracle India Plugin - Faster Version 1.8.7 with beta features.

Beta features are:

1. Support for USDINR Option chain

Please Note:

1. None of original features are removed from OptionsOracle. 

2. PCR codes in Faster Version is updated. Slower version still has default PCR.
3. Plugin codes are changed.


  1. Unable to download Nifty/Bank Nifty details even after entering ^ symbol infront of them, also .json files are opening in visuabl basic and not in Option Oracle.

    Please look into it and do the needful

    1. @RamaKrishna, for json file, you have to use either slow option or from registry reset json extension. For NIFTY use code as NIFTY, for banknifty use code as BANKNIFTY. No space in between.

  2. plugin 1.8.7 is having some issue. Please check PUT/Call ratio chart, its not correct. The open interest shown does not match with nse website.. Please see the chart and you will come to know the issue.


    Hari Madhav

    1. Hi Hari, Please use "New" button and try. Don't load old data.

    2. Thanks for your help. it's correct now with "new" data.

  3. Sir , Request if you could give me links to download the right file i cannot get the link to configure to NSE server thanks

    1. Please uninstall old version and install it from here either slower version or download faster version from Facebook group url: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OptionTradingCourse/files/

  4. 1. How do i know which version of plugnins, i am using?
    2. Do i need to uninstall the option oracle and all the folders and redownload it to install the newer version?

  5. Work only for Nifty and Banknifty other stocks codes are giving error that "Symbol not found".
    Kindly suggest.


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