Be aware of Rumors ...

Don't believe in rumors.

First do your home work before spreading rumors.

It has come to my notice that few nuisance people are intentionally spreading rumors about me. They are using nicknames and don't have professionalism to interact with me directly. Seems their businesses are impacted because of my and other trainer's training effort. Their intentions are to keep users uneducated and keep away from tools, so that people can rely on them for various paid subscription based services. They want you to spend 20k to 30k year after year on their subscription which is worth nothing.

They are trying all types of tricks ... down and uptickr and cheater, s**t shistha-kushista, barks and brays, post and reposts, tweets and retweets ... to discourage us for providing free access to tool, working on commercial products and imparting trading education. We will not be discouraged with their malicious intention instead we are further motivated and will enhance tools and continue educating as much as possible. This(these) nuisance person and associated organisation wants us to rely on their paid subscription based information/analysis services.

Instead of arguing with them, taking actions and showing reactions to them, and in turn coming down to their low level, it is better to ignore them.  Earlier I was not active on some social sites, but now I'm active on them too because of these nuisance person and associated organization. No revenge trading ;-) 

Let them shout, we are least bother about them. They are immature, and will take longer than average to get mature enough.  We have our own priorities and no time to entertain them or train them. Options Oracle will continue to be available to all as it is now.

Check original author's license requirements, it takes precedence over anything else. And I'm just following Original Author's license condition.

Here are OptionsOracle license from Original Author (Shlomo Shachar)

You can see it online at URL:

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  1. So true some people have mastered the skill of spreading rumors before doing a background check on the information they are spreading I have managed to read to read a couple of nasty stories that were not true gets to tarnish the targeted victims images in such cases thanks Santoshi for bringing it out in the open.


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