OptionsOracle India Plugin (V 1.8.7) Changes

OptionsOracle NSE Plugin Version 1.8.6 is planned to be released on August 15, unless there is any last moment issues.


  • All features as in old version
  • PCR (Put Call Ratio) codes are updated to show current series data instead of combining all series data.
  • It will be installer based, so I can pre-configure templates and provide links for training, support and other tools.
  • While installation, it will show license conditions from me and as well as from original authors, kindly read it thoroughly and understand it before accepting.

Here are updates:

Few Screenshots:

Version details:

2. PCR for current series, yes it will show details for current series only, not for NEXT or FAR.

3. Template support, out of box. You don't need to configure manually.

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