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Option Trades - 201602-1


Here is strategy:

NIFTY MAR16 CE 7600 (L) @ 37
NIFTY MAR16 CE 7100 (S) @ 216
NIFTY MAR16 PE 7100 (S) @ 175
NIFTY MAR16 PE 6600 (L) @ 53
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Breakevens (lower side) : 6799
Breakevens (higher side) : 7401

Max Loss Potential (in points): -199
Max Profit Potential (in points): 301

Note Risk Reward ratio is just 1:1.5, it may require some adjustment at later stage.

  1. You can take similar trade in a day or two, provided you get same or higher Risk Reward Ratio, and other Greeks remains same.
  2. Please use is at your own risk.
  3. I'll not be responsible for any risk or damage to your system or data or wealth or health or what so ever.
In case of query, feel free to contact me.

Learn how to setup Iron Buttefly Options Strategy for NIFTY

Learn how to setup Iron Buttefly Options Strategy for NIFTY

Santosh Kumar Pasi, Options Trader and Trainer: Option Trades - 201602-1



  1. Thanks for your efforts.Whenever you give a strtegy Please give the rationale/favorable factors justifying the strategy. Also if any adjustment is required any stage at a later date please give it with reasons
    R C NAIK

  2. Hi R C Naik, There are other important factors to be considered before deciding strategy E.g. Volatility, Biased (Bullish, Bearish, Neutral), etc. It is difficult to explain here on blog, as these are bigger topics.

    Adjustment is required to either use as Trailing Stop Loss or to minimize loss in case of loss.

    I'm considering those parameters before deciding strategy here.

    Santosh Pasi

  3. Today being budget session day, market will be volatile. Here is simple adjustment recommended to book partial profit and increase further credits:
    1. If Nifty goes below 6850, Square-off (BUY) CE 7100 position and replace it by Short (SELL) CE 7000.
    2. If Nifty goes above 7350, Square-off (BUY) PE 7100 position and replace it by Short (SELL) PE 7200.

  4. Here is strategy p/l status at the end of day, assuming.
    1. No adjustment, P/L is +40 points.
    2. With adjustment, partial profit booked CE 7100 216-116 = 100 points, Shorted CE 7000 at 160, overall P/L is = 100-69 = 31

  5. The Sensex ended up 12.75 points at 24659.23, and the Nifty slipped 0.05 points at 7485.30.
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