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OptionsOracle: Margin Settings for NIFTY & BANKNIFTY

I have received few queries regarding setting up Margin requirements in OptionsOracle.

Default margin settings follows CBOE margin requirements and not good for our market.

We have to make following changes to show NIFTY/BANKNIFTY margin requirements (8% of underlying asset).

Click on Config -> Margin.

We have to make parameter change for different conditions. 

Here is sample conditions applicable for NIFTY and BankNIFTY Options or any script with 8% margin requirements:

1. Long Stock: of 100% Cost
2. Long Call: of 100% Cost
3. Long Put: of 100% Cost
4. Short Naked Stock: of 100% Underlying Stock Price
5. Short Naked Call: of 8% Underlying Stock Price
6. Short Naked Put: of 8% Underlying Stock Price
7. Short Covered Stock: of 100% Maximum Loss Risk
8. Short Covered Call: of 100% Underlying Stock Price
9. Short Covered Put:of 100% Underlying Stock Price
10. Short Put Covered By Short Call: of 8% Underlying Stock Price
11. Short Call Covered By Short Put: of 8% Underlying Stock Price
12. Short Put Spread Covered By Short Call Spread: of 100% Zero
13. Short Call Spread Covered By Short Put Spread: of 100% Zero

Few screenshots:

Hope it helps. Consider above as references.

If you are premium customer and facing issue is configuring above, please let me know. I shall configure it for you.

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