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OptionsOracle Wishlist

Here are wishlist that we have or we have received from our users including Facebook group members for OptionsOracle.

Most of features will be available in both version of OptionsOracle (OptionsOracle standard edition and "OptionsOracle Advance" that is included with OpStrater). 

Few features will be exclusively available in "OptionsOracle Advance" for our workshop participants and "OpStrater" privileged users. 

1.  OptionsOracle to support Future.
     >  Yes, next update of OptionsOracle will support this. 
     >  But it will allow only current monthly series price.

2.  "Strategy Summary" to have column for remark.
      >  Yes, next update of OptionsOracle will support this.

3.  Option Chain table to show "OI Analysis" like "long buildup", "short buildup" etc.
      >  Yes, next update of OptionsOracle will support this.
      >  "OptionsOracle Advance" will show this even in "Strategy Positions".

4.  Graph to show more details (like Max Pain strike in text).
     >  We have already started work on this. 
     >  "OptionsOracle Advance" will support this.
     >  Regular OptionsOracle will have regular graph.

5.  To show IV Ranking/Percentile/Chart?
     >  This won't be possible. 
     >  For IV Ranking/Chart, huge data and processing power is required.
     >  However OpStrater shows volatility level in "Strategy Decision Maker" and recommends best strategy.

6.  To use faster and real-time data in OptionsOracle.
     >  Currently we are not working on this.
     >  May be in future, we will work on this.
     >  To integrate OptionsOracle with trading platform like NEST/TradeTiger Excel linked data.
     >  If some broker provides API to integrate, we can consider that.
     >  If some broker provides API to even punch orders, we can work on those too.

7.  OptionsOracle to have features like other commercial products.
     >  All details/features expected from tool required for option trading is already present in our tools. 
     >  "Strategy Decision Maker" recommends best strategy that most of commercial tools don't have.
     >  If you have added workshop then you can use "Strategy Trade Manager" to validate trade.
     >  However commercial products may have additional features.
     >  If we have resources and convinced, we will try to add those.

Here are few screenshots of development:
One with asterisk mark (*) are available with OpStarter package only. 

We will announce details and screenshots in our Facebook group: Option Trading Course 

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  1. Very good development, Santoshji. thanks a lot.

  2. Santosh, pls add the strategy graph on the main window.. It's very convenient

  3. We have many users with smaller screen resolution, so adding graph on main will not look good ...

    1. Sir where can we download the latest version of the software which has enabled futures as well

  4. We are currently testing. It will be available in couple of weeks in our Facebook Group for downloads.

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